Most expensive wines

It has probably been a very good investment keeping these wines in the cellar.  You must really be collector instead of a winelover not drinking and tasting these wines earlier. But of course you can buy a lot of good wines from the profit. 1787 Château Lafitte December 1985, Christie’s, London$156,450 1787 Château d’Yquem February [...]

Europe’s most steep winehill

  Europe’s most steep winehill is the Calmont at the Mosel river in Germany. Here the wineries have to do everything by hand. This is not without any danger. The wines produced on the hill are great but not cheap due to the hard work needed to grow the grapes. For tourists it is nice [...]

Music winebox

  A video for a wine giftbox with music.  Nice idea but maybe the christmas song is a bit out of place for the  summer. Would be perfect if you could choose your own song to be programmed. Then the real wine lover is able to create a wine and music pairing as gift.

How to open a winebottle with your shoe

We all know these moments when we want to open a wine bottle but don’t know how? This french video shows that you only need two things which are always around: a wall and your shoe. But please don’t try this with a bottle of Chateau Petrus.

Madoff wine cellar in auction

Fraudster Bernard Madoff’s wine cellar is coming in auction. Any interesting wines for you?

Hugh Johnson’s Wine Guide

After years of publishing on paper Hugh Johnsons now presents his wine guide app. The app does everything the books do. Promissing but reviews on itunes an not yet up to standard.